The Ancient Giant Sawfish

Ancient Giant Sawfish

Oh, to see what the sawfish saw… With the body of a shark, flat undercarriage of a manta ray and snout like a lumberjack’s saw, the ancient giant sawfish’s structure would find a likely home in a Dr. Seuss book. It lived 65 million years ago, during the upper cretaceous […] Read more »

Fossilized Skulls: What Mysteries They Reveal

Fossilized Skulls

Fossils are stone impressions or remains from ancient living beings. Most fossils are flat and resemble roadkill. Rarely, a three-dimensional fossil is found and preserved. One of the most prized 3-D fossils is that of a skull. A skull not only enables us to clearly see facial anatomy, but it […] Read more »

Orthoceras: Their Feet Grew Out of Their Heads!


Orthoceras is an extinct nautaloid that lived in the Devonian period of the Paleozoic era, over 350 million years ago. Since it was a marine mollusk, orthoceras’ soft bodies were not preserved, but their ice cream cone-shaped shells were fossilized in great detail. The most advanced of the ancient invertebrates […] Read more »