Unique Gemstone Jewelry

Earth’s Treasures’s customers know and value quality.  We handpick unaltered, high quality stones for our unique and beautiful jewelry. Come see our continuously changing selection of stone jewelry.

Jewelry with stones:
Moonstone  •  Labradorite  •  Dinosaur Poop  •  Larimar  •  Seraphanite  •  Fossilized Coral  •  Freshwater Pearls  •  Paintbrush Jasper  •  Peridot  •  Abalone  •  Tourmaline  •  Green Garnet  •  Ocean Jasper  •  Amber  •  Yogo Sapphires  •  Montana Garnets  •  Montana Agate and many, many more.


  • Copralite
  • Butterfly Wing Jewelry – Actual butterfly wings artistically encased in glass with pure sterling silver frames (Butterflies are raised in a park and harvested only after they die naturally.)

 Yogo Sapphires:

Yogo sapphires are found only in Montana, and Earth’s Treasures has a selection of loose cut stones, as well as Yogo Sapphire jewelry. We carry beautiful, unique pieces to showcase these rare stones. We also have Montana Fancy sapphires, which can come in nearly any color of the rainbow.