Unique Stones and Gems

Come see really interesting specimens, like enhydros crystals and agates with water trapped inside. Small air bubbles are seen moving back and forth.

Check out local treasures from Montana: Montana agate, Yogo sapphires, Covelites, Garnets, Hyalite opal, Crystal Park crystals, Madison Blue agate, Dogtooth calcite.

From around the world: Amethyst cathedrals, Tourmaline, Amber, Mimetite, Cavensite, Smithsonite, Celestite, Barite.



Earth’s Treasures displays and sells actual fossils, not replicas.

Our customers range from the serious collector to small children just learning about fossils.  Fossils truly are one of a kind, so our inventory changes rapidly.

Some of the items we carry currently include:

  • Teeth of Mammoth, Mastodon, Shark, Horse, Buffalo
  • Dinosaur eggs, bones and poop
  • Pyritized Ammonites
  • Fossilized Fish, Leaves, Shrimp
  • Petrified wood slabs, sinks, end tables
  • Meteorites & Moldavite

Our inventory is ever changing so come and visit our little museum and mining store often to see what is new.