Bugs! (Wicked Awesome)

Who knew how crazy cool bugs look framed and hung on a wall. A grasshopper with yellow polka dot wings and black and orange striped body. Turquoise beetles marching in formation. Flying lizards, gliding geckos, tarantula spiders and bats make great accent pieces.

Our other insects look pretty good for being thousands of years old. Whether trapped in amber or forever impressed on sandstone. Some of our amber pieces catch “a moment in time,” where multiple bugs, a piece of leaf or a stem or termite eggs are preserved from the ancient world.

  • Bugs in Amber Jewelry
  • Butterfly Wing Jewelry – Actual butterfly wings artistically encased in glass with pure sterling silver frames (Raised in a park, harvested only after they die naturally).


Leaves and Other Natural Art

The natural fragility of a leaf makes it hard to preserve. Yet, we have ancient leaf and pine cone fossils from Montana. Our framed leaf accents are incredibly colorful. The intricately delicate skeleton of the leaves are placed in a 3-D display. Seeing them will take your breath away.