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Earth’s Treasures has always been locally owned and operated by a 5th-generation Montanan since opening in 1989. The little museum and mining store just off Main street, where authentic, ancient fossils are displayed and sold. Never replicas. Enter Earth’s Treasures and you’ll see why hand-picked means high quality. Selling rare and timeless jewelry. Our one of a kind pieces make decorating your home or office easy and breathtaking. Earth’s Treasures is a fun place that kids can still go and get something special with their allowance. Rocks and fossils start at 50 cents. Children (and adults) can learn lots of fun facts, like how our submarines are designed after a species of fossil. For over 22 years Earth’s Treasures has been providing rock tumblers, rock picks, metal detectors, sluices, gold pans and gold accessories to the Gallatin Valley’s rockhounds and prospectors.

Come in, look around, ask questions and enjoy the treasures of the earth that many people will never have a chance to see.

Come as a customer…   leave as a friend.